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Student loans suck the life out of most people. What if you could get a FREE review of your student loan accounts? Well, today's the day your outlook changes for the better.

In return for the opportunity to record the session, Lisa Y Jones is offering a FREE review of your student loan accounts.

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*Note: Session is free when held on the original appointment day and time. If a cancellation occurs, the session will revert to the regular price of $79.

This agreement is with Lisa Y Jones Financial Ministries (LYJFM) and includes an analysis of the client’s student loan accounts associated. LYJFM agrees to review the student loan online accounts for the client and provide education on the loans included with the account. Education will include at least the following information: Type of loans Repayment options Consolidation options Review of Loan Terms In return for this review, the client permits the session to be recorded and included in a student loan case study library. Note: All identifying information will be redacted to protect the privacy of the client prior to inclusion in the case study library. Access to a computer and your student loan accounts is required. DISCLAIMERS: LYJFM is not responsible for the repayment of any student loans. The information provided is strictly informational. LYJFM is not a financial advisory firm and does not provide investment guidance or recommendations. The client is responsible for repaying all student loans. The client receives no income from the inclusion of their student loan analysis in the case study library. The analysis itself is the compensation for inclusion.
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