I am the CEO

Chief Encourager of Others


Debt separates you from your money. Let me help your group close the gap.

One benefit of paying off $300,000 in five years is that I’ve learned a thing or two about getting out of debt. The good news for you is that I’m open to sharing.

Not only that, but the process my husband and I used is quite duplicatable.

Whether it’s a lunch and learn or an entire weekend, our time together will leave you with a solid plan of action and the hope needed to make it happen.

Let’s get started and bring about the financial change your group is looking for!


Master communicator.

Experienced-based content.

Passion for people.

Sample Speaking Topics

Topic 1: The Heart of Your Money

Did you know that your money has a heart? It does. You tug on the heart strings of your money with almost every purchase.

I will share 5 truths that will help you understand how to achieve financial fulfillment, regardless of how much money you have or your current debt level.

Once you understand how and why your heart responds the way it does to money, you will be on your way to breaking the back of the spirit of lack!

Topic 2: “Bye Bye” Student Loans

Student loans suck the life out of most people.

The most recent statistics show the following:

  • The US has over $1.7 trillion dollars in student loan debt.

  • Over 45 million people have student loan debt.

  • Over 3000 people default on student loans EVERY DAY.

Keith and I figured it out. I will teach you the system we used to pay off over $100,000 in STUDENT LOAN INTEREST in addition to the principle of over $45,000.

I will teach you how to say “bye bye” to student loans.

Topic 3: The Power of a Zero Credit Score

It’s not a typo.

Despite having zero credit scores, Keith and I secured a mortgage to purchase a custom built home.

Don’t let the banks and mortgage companies fool you.


We did it. So can you.

Use our systematic process to get your score to zero and position yourself to be approved for your new home!

I will show you how.