Lisa is the CEO

Chief Encourager of Others


At your next event, Lisa will share:

  • How to identify our God-given talents

  • How to use them to thrive in our own lives

  • How to share them with others

By the end of our time together you will discover Him with fresh eyes . . . see Him at work in your life and uncover the not so hidden meanings of how He is moving and working around you.

I'm excited to walk alongside you on your journey to know Him just a little better than you did before.

I hope to see you soon. In the meantime…be well…be encouraged.


I want you to encounter Christ in a way you have never imagined.
And you can!

Sample Speaking Topics

Topic 1: Whatever

How many times have we used word “whatever”? When we were angry, hurt, confused, disappointed or indifferent? The word “whatever” has often signified barriers and walls around our hearts that are not easily penetrated. But what if your outlook on the word “whatever” were transformed into thoughts that were more beautiful…more loving…more Christ-like? Lisa will challenge your definition and help you see the beauty found in “whatever.”

As you walk through Philippians 4:8, Lisa will come alongside you to help you discover:

  • How to transform past “whatevers” into present truths

  • How to see yourself (and others) through the eyes of Christ

  • How to open your heart to your true potential and no longer be paralyzed by imperfections

Topic 2: Be Well

"What is Christ-Centered Financial Wellness?" "And how can I get it?" Lisa gets these questions quite a bit in her line of work as a speaker, author and teacher. She engages her audience in a paradigm-shifting discussion of what it means to be debt free and live a life of Christ-Centered Financial Wellness.

During her time with you, Lisa will help you unpack the following 5 ways to inspire Christ-Centered Financial Wellness:

  • Giving like you mean it

  • Managing the emotions of money

  • Living debt free

  • Creating a legacy

  • Budgeting for God

Topic 3: Valley Living

Most of us have heard of the valley referred to in Psalm 23:4, but never thought of it as a positive experience. Lisa will shed new light on how to take those valley experiences and turn them into opportunities to grow in Christ and see Him at work in your life. You will leave a clear understanding of how to:

  • Give it over to Christ and leave it there

  • Be joyful in the process

  • Find the "good"

  • Separate the tangle